Flower preservation has been around since the beginning of history, although the deliberate preservation of flowers is a more recent phenomenon.

In the Middle East, bones of prehistoric men have been found along with delicate wild flowers, possibly as a tribute to a passing loved one. Evidence of the deliberate use of specific flowers is indicated by the pollen grains that were present. Bright and vivid flowers were also found in Egyptian tombs. These flowers were around 4000 years old.

In the 16th century, flowers mainly began to be used for decorative purposes such as jewelry, fans, and gloves. During the Elizabethan era, the once-familiar strawberry was replaced by soft lace necklaces, and breast flowers also became popular. From the Victorian era grew the fascination of communicating with flowers.

The idea of ​​the language of flowers developed when it was decided that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers, when the flowers themselves have meaning, brings much greater pleasure. To turn the moment of pleasure into a long-lasting memory, human started to use techniques to preserve their most special flowers.

One of the first methods of preserving flowers is drying. Many plants retain their shape and color when air dried naturally. Use of glycerin, making the preserved plant flexible and durable. To use this method, the plant material must be harvested in a fully hydrated state.

Pressing is a very simple way to preserve flowers although the relief is lost and the flowers are flat.

Originally introduced in 1813 by William Hyde Wollaston at the Royal Society of London, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the freeze-drying industry discovered the appeal and longevity of freeze-dried flowers. Freeze-dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been specially dried to preserve their natural shape and color.

Lyophilization is carried out by a process called sublimation. It requires a special freeze-drying machine. The first step is to freeze the flowers at 100 Kelvin (-173.1 ° C) for at least 12 hours. A vacuum pump slowly extracts moisture from the flowers as vapor in one chamber, then the vapor condenses as ice in another chamber. Through this process, the natural shape and color of the flower is retained. It has been found that some flowers retain their color well despite being freeze-dried.

In our modern times, roses are offered as message and gift. One could say that they speak the “language of flowers”. Holding on to this special message and preserving the gift is made possible by eternal roses.

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