About me & my Atelier

Since 1995 I have been living my passion and working with what interests me most: the beauty of nature & gifting happiness to others. I combined these two and live them in my role as florist.

Living for several years in the European top-spot of beautiful flowers, the Netherlands, characterized my passion for arranging floral art. This unique inspiration-source broadened my creative horizon far from the regular fashion. Curiosity, courage & the willingness to experiment generate endless energy for creating arrangements from flowers & natural material

With my handmade creations, I reflect my experience & passion for the business and aim to overcome my customer’s expectations.

“Flowers are the stars of the day”

Flowers are a sign of appreciation, consolation, love, joy and unadulterated beauty.

In my Atelier, you find individual and unique flower creations for all occasions. We feel what the customer wants, give individual advice and deliver professional high-grade floristry as a matter of fact.

Annual highlights such as Advent, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or All Saints’ Day, etc. are an integral part of our portfolio. When a new season arrives and you need ideas & help in decorating your beloved space – you are well advised in the Atelier Créatif Petra.

Your home is not the limit; whether wedding, celebration or company event, I would be happy to  implement your floral whishes professionally. Additionally, I offer floral workshops which are unique in their genre. With expert guidance and in a relaxed atmosphere, you create your own floral art piece as if by magic.

Everyone is welcome!