Many challenges have come along our way in private and professional life over the years. Our world is changing fast; thinking we are still in the 2000s is simply outdated. We have to embrace the new inventions and technologies which help us to manage our daily lives in this rapidly changing world. Besides constantly adapting, an additional challenge hit us all. It forced us all to adapt our lifestyles even faster.

The pandemic brought enormous changes to everyone in the world. Not only people but also companies had to change their operations. When talking about change, one big point could be heard over and over again: Digitalization.

With nearly 100% of the population having access to high-speed internet and more than half of the shopping is done online; a website and social media accounts became indispensable to be visible in these challenging times.

After a year of hard work, I would happily like to announce that the Atelier Créatif Petra is embracing this challenge and making big efforts to digitalize our floristry business based in Luxembourg.

Our new website will not only list all our services and a full overview of our offer, it also offers a huge selection of creations, accessories & more to be bought online from around Europe.  On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we don’t only inform you about new creations, events and courses, but we also enhance your social media feed with a beautiful touch of nature. Fresh flowers, vivid colours and a breeze of nature will bring you joy every time you scroll.