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Crystal bowl-rose pastel rose


Crystal bowl-rose pastel rose


1 large eternal rose, with a delicate fragrance, is presented in a crystal bowl on wooden disc.

Through the stabilisation process, the composition will preserve its beauty for years by respecting the conditions of use: exclusively indoors / do not water / do not expose to the sun / keep away from heat sources.

Originally coming from Equador, the rose has been stabilised by the process of double immersion ( stabilisation ). The flower must be extra fresh for a succesfull stabilisation.

This technique consists of two steps of immersion. The first bath consists of immersing the flower in a pure alcohol solution to deshydrate while maintaining its original shape. During this first bath, it loses its original colour. The second bath consists of alcohol, propylene glycol glycerin and food colouring agents. This procedure is rehydrating the flower. Food dye give the desired colour.

Well protected under the crystal bowl, this creation will last for years and enhance your interieur.

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