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Terrarium DIY kit


Terrarium DIY kit


Terrariums are closed glass bubbles containing small jungles to vegetate our interiors “almost” without maintenance.

Create your own Terrarium. All you need is the Do-it-yourself-kit, provided with a detailed manual instruction.

The DIY Terrarium kit contains:

1 container ( terrarium size 19 x 19 x 30 cm )

Seramis ( soil drainage ), pebbles, decorative stones and shells

Bonsai soil, forest moss

Plants, as a Bonsai Ficus Ginseng and 4 other matching mini plants

1 mini scissor (can be used for all plants or cut flowers)

1 refill funnel (can be used for various works)

1 refill potting cup (ideal for planting and repotting all plants)

1 ball shower

Share the great experience of creating your own “mini jungle” with friends by organizing a private workshop party.


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